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Hesser Entertainment

 Hesser Entertainment presents and promotes events worldwide. Our company focus is presenting and promoting live concerts and sporting events for ground breaking independent artists, athletes, and teams in 1,000 to 20,000 capacity venues. Beyond the business equation, our goal is to enrich the community and serve performing artists and athletes with as hospitable an experience as possible.


We have produced live events in partnership with broadcast titans of the industry  such as Fox Sports in Asia, NBC in the USA, and CCTV in China. We have presented and promoted over 100 events on every continent on the planet 9 outside of Antartica!)  

The company is owned, managed, and personally operated by it's CEO, Dunesa Hesser.  Dunesa's hands-on approach provides a seamless integration of production, promotion, and experience.

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Hesser Entertainment
Dunesa Hesser
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Contact Us
Hesser Entertainment 
3275 S. Jones Blvd. Ste. 104 Las Vegas Nevada 89146 
Cel: 725 264 8671

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